Watermelon smash add

Cake smashes are a wonderful way to celebrate a child’s birthday, but what if your child has food allergies or a condition that means cake is off the menu?
A watermelon smash might just be the perfect way to join in the fun.
The same price as our standard packages, your session will begin with your little one choosing what they want to play with from our toy cupboard. We’ll capture them playing and freeze time on who they are at this age so you’ll always be able to remember how they clasped toys in those tiny fingers, and giggled when their wooden block tower would tumble to the ground.
Once play time is over, the real fun begins…
Whether you have a clean child (like our oldest) who likes to stop regularly to wash his hands, or a messy adventurer who likes to wear the watermelon rind as a hat, we’ll catch them, and you’ll have a memory for life.
Get in touch to book 🍉🌈

📞 07539 632588


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