About Capture The Rainbow Photography

About Capture The Rainbow Photography

We are a Mum and Dad team who specialise in newborn, and family photography…with a twist. 

We want to capture the real moments, the real smiles, giggles, reactions, and characters of your little ones.

The photos we cherish of our 3 young boys are the photos that tell a story, that take us back to a memory, and remind us of who they were at that time. Be that the careful, considered, tidy 1 year old that our oldest son Harrison was, or the crazy, fun loving 5 year old he is now. The giant, sleeping baby our youngest, Seb, was, or the giggly, mischievous toddler he is now. The smiley, relaxed Jude, our youngest, and the incredible bond he is developing with his brothers. That is what we want to create for you.

Our goal is to take your everyday moments that add up to make your family’s adventures, and turn them in to professionally captured and edited, beautiful, photographs to allow you to pause time.

In our home studio in County Durham, we have created a relaxed atmosphere where your family can spend some time playing with our beautiful ethically made wooden toys. It’ll feel more like a play date and will allow us to capture those little details, genuine moments, and beautiful relationships so you’ll be able to treasure the memories forever.

You can view some of our photography in our portfolio, if you would like to join our many happy clients you can contact us to arrange an appointment.

Siobhan At Capture the Rainbow Photography


Steve At Capture the Rainbow Photography


Who We Are

Steve and I met in 2008 and have 3 sons. Harrison, 5, Seb, 3, and Jude, 8 months.
My husband, Steve, and I have both been passionate photographers for many years. He has nearly 30 years of experience, where I have had a camera in my hand since my Dad passed one my way as a child.
We have completed a lot of commercial photography since 2015, however, in 2017 we set up Capture the Rainbow Photography to capture authentic and beautiful memories for the families who choose us.
We struggled for many years to start our family and have sadly lost 5 pregnancies. A baby born after a miscarriage is called a ‘Rainbow Baby’, which our first 2 are.
The name Capture the Rainbow was inspired by our children, much as our desire to capture natural, authentic, and beautiful photographs of true family bonds, memories, and moments was too.

Our Style

Unlike most photographers, we don’t work with backdrops and props. We like to strip away the distractions and have all the focus on our clients’ children and family.
Our studio is specially designed to look and feel like a room. It’s cosy, warm, and welcoming. Children can come in, relax, play with our beautiful toys, and enjoy some uninterrupted family time.
Whilst they are focused on the important people in their lives and the wonder of their own imagination, we can capture something truly special; a chance to press pause on these fleeting moments of childhood and preserve them forever.
No requests for them to sit still and give us a forced, unnatural smile, but a fun play date where we can document those little moments, and tiny details that add up to make something truly magical.

Our Studio

We have a light, bright, airy look to our photos. Making them minimalist and timeless.

Our Products

We use a professionals only photo laboratory and are fully calibrated to the printers they use. This means that photos our customers see at their viewing appointment look exactly as they will when they are printed.
As well as high-resolution digital files, we include physical copies of photos in all of our packages to ensure our customers have something to hold, and to treasure.
Not just a digital file, which will collect a few likes on social media before being lost to the next viral meme on a newsfeed.
We are passionate about displaying memories in a way that tells the story of our clients’ family, and every session comes with a wall art and photo album design service.
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