About Us

We are a Mum and Dad team, in County Durham, who specialise in newborn, and family photography…with a twist.

We want to capture the real moments, the real smiles, giggles, reactions, and characters of your little ones.

The photos we cherish of our 3 young boys are the photos that tell a story, that take us back to a memory, and remind us of who they were at that time. Be that the careful, considered, tidy 1 year old that our oldest son Harrison was, or the crazy, fun loving 5 year old he is now. The giant, sleeping baby our youngest, Seb, was, or the giggly, mischievious toddler he is now. The smiley, relaxed Jude, our youngest, and the incredible bond he is developing with his brothers. That is what we want to create for you.

Our goal is to take your everyday moments that add up to make your family’s adventures, and turn them in to professionally captured and edited, beautiful, photographs to allow you to pause time.

In our home studio, we have created a relaxed atmosphere where your family can spend some time playing with our beautiful ethically made wooden toys. It’ll feel more like a play date and will allow us to capture those little details, genuine moments, and beautiful relationships so you’ll be able to treasure the memories forever.