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We can’t keep it a secret any more…Capture the Rainbow Photography launches 1st June 2017.
We are a Mum and Dad team, in County Durham, who specialise in children’s photography…with a twist.
We want to capture the real moments, the real smiles, giggles, reactions, and characters of your little ones.
The photos we cherish of our 2 young boys are the photos that tell a story, that take us back to a memory, and remind us of who they were at that time. Be that the careful, considered, tidy 1 year old that our oldest son Harrison was, or the insane, fun loving toddler he is now. The giant, sleeping baby our youngest, Seb, was, or the giggly, and still giant, only slightly older baby he is now.
In our home studio, we have created a relaxed atmosphere…with some awesome toys to play with. Petals and feathers to throw, marbles and cups to organise, ribbons to twirl, rainbows to stack, wooden animals to create stories with, and lots more.
We’re sure to have something to capture the imagination of your little one, whilst we capture the person they are, at Capture the Rainbow.
Well, I’ve typed (and made you read) the word ‘Capture’ enough for one day, so I shall bid you good evening, but please get in touch if you are interested in booking a session for you child or children.
We’ll be sharing plenty more beautiful images, and lots more information in the coming weeks, so hit that like and follow button to see more.