It may be natural, but it’s far from easy. From engorgement, to cracked skin, to mastitis, and more, there’s a lot of challenges that face a breastfeeding mother.

…but once you get past those difficult early days, oh it’s magical.

I’m currently breastfeeding my third baby. I’ve breastfed after 3 c sections, through tongue ties. I’ve exclusively expressed. I’ve breastfed in public. I’ve breastfed whilst pregnant…twice. I’ve tandem breastfed. I’ve even tandem breastfed through pregnancy.

It’s been a huge part of my family and it’s something I’ll remember so fondly, forever.

Some of my favourite photos are nursing photos with my sons and, because of this, I’m going to be offering a Breastfeeding Session day on Monday 21st October. A chance for you to press pause on something you’ll want to remember.

I’ll only be offering 4 sessions on a first come, first served basis so please book early to avoid disappointment.





*there’s no age limit or judgement with these sessions. As a breastfeeding mum myself, I’ve fed my oldest until he was 4, my middle until he was 2, and I’m now nursing my 3rd son who is nearly 3 months old. I can promise you you’ll be in safe hands