Cake Smash Photographer in County Durham

Nearly a whole year of watching your tiny baby turn into a whirlwind of a toddler and you’re now starting to look for cake smash photography in County Durham. First birthdays (or sometimes second or third) are such an exciting time to celebrate. All those wonderful memories from your first year together. 

What is a cake smash photo shoot?

Cake Smash Photography is one of the best ways to celebrate your baby’s big day.

A big trend in America, it found its way to the UK a number of years ago now and has become a staple photoshoot in a lot of babies’ memories.

In a nutshell, a cake smash session involves a cake, a baby, and a whole lot of mess.

But, as always, I do things a little bit differently…


Cake Smash photoshoot in County Durham

Why should I choose you to photograph my baby?

For me, cake smash photography should be about far more than just a cake. It should be a celebration of your family’s first year together.

A chance to press pause on this stage of giggles, cuddles, wobbly first steps, messy mealtimes, super splashy bathtimes, and bedtime snuggles.

An opportunity to capture how much love and laughter you’ve shared over the last 12 months. Of all the milestones you’ve hit, and memories you’ve made.

So how does cake smash photography work at Capture the Rainbow Photography?

Well, we start like all sessions; by welcoming you into my home studio and allowing you time to relax and get comfortable.

No metal frames, and rolls of backdrop paper. Big brollies around lights are banished.  These things can be quite daunting for little ones, so, instead, my studio is all white. White walls, white floors, a big white curtain, and a shelf full of toys make the studio look and feel like a playroom.

A cosy space for you to relax and spend some time together as a family, whilst your baby is free to explore and let their personality shine.

We’ll follow your family’s lead. Whether little one wants to run around, get all the toys off the shelf, or snuggle in for some cuddles with mum and dad, I’ll capture those authentic moments, naturally and beautifully, so you can revisit them for years to come.

After a play, once your baby has made themself at home, we’ll get the cake out and dive right in.

Next up...the cake!

It’s always fun to see how babies respond to the cake. Some love to tuck straight in with their hands, some prefer a spoon. Some love to make maximum mess, while some hate sticky fingers.

It’s these little things that make your baby who they are. The raucous laughter when they smear icing all over themselves (and you), or the face they pull at the feeling of cake on their fingers (and the giggly face at the tickle of you cleaning their hands).

After the cake, like after every messy mealtime at home, it’s time for the clean-up.

A splash in the bath for your little water baby, followed, just like always, by a snuggle on the bed when you get them dried and dressed.

A whole beautiful year of love, in one perfect photoshoot.

Do we bring the cake?

Nope, don’t worry about a thing. Your job is to come, have fun, eat cake, and celebrate.

I work with 3 bakers in Consett, County Durham. Lyndsey’s Cakes, Terrace Cupcakes, and Holly’s Delicious Cakes; all fully insured, licensed, and able to accommodate allergies so you’re in excellent hands.

My signature smash cake is a vanilla sponge, with white buttercream icing. It’s simple, stylish, delicious, and looks spectacular in photos.

Plus, most babies leave plenty for you to take home and eat later. It’s win win.

Can my other children be in the photos?

Cake Smash photoshoot in County Durham

ABSOLUTELY!!! We’re celebrating your whole family here!

Your older child has had a huge year too. A year of becoming a big bro or sis, of learning to share, of wonderful memories with their best friend.

After the birthday boy or girl has had first dibs on the cake, it’ll be time for their sibling to join them.

But no crying over spilt cake, it’s why you’re here 😉 

Cake Smash photoshoot in County Durham

What should we wear for our cake smash photoshoot?

You’ve seen my photos so you know I love to keep things, light, airy, and timeless. White allows us to strip out all the distractions and focus on the most important thing – you.

A simple white t shirt, shirt, or blouse will work wonders. 

For trousers…dare I say white? Alright, I get it, you’re a parent and you’re avoiding white trousers like the plague, (and if you show up wearing white trousers I might just kiss you – which is totally against my covid guidelines so scrap that.)

If you don’t have white trousers, neutral colours look wonderful – cream, beige, khaki – fantastic options.

And if all else fails, a pair of light-coloured jeans can be just the ticket.

If more than one of you is wearing a colour on the bottom half, however, try to keep it to the same colour – ie both wear cream, or both wear similar coloured jeans.

For your baby and older children? Really easy. All white. I have lots of white rompers in different sizes, and also white long johns in every size for siblings, so I have your little ones sorted. 

Don’t worry about the mess; leave the washing to me.

What can I do with my photos?

Once you have your photos, you have a return ticket to your baby. The whispy hairs, the tiny toes, the utter perfection.

But you’ll also be capturing something so magical for them. Long-term memories aren’t formed until well beyond the toddlerhood. They won’t remember this stage. They won’t remember how you held them, how you touched them, how you gazed at them with complete adoration.

By having birthday photos taken, you are giving your children a glimpse into this beautiful time.

A lot of my clients use their photo shoot to create a centrepiece in their homes. A  wall of celebration of the most important thing.

At your viewing session, I’ll invite you to bring a photo of a wall you’d like to display your photographs so I can superimpose your images in to your home. This will allow us to play around with options for Wall Art to really tell your story and do it justice.

I use a high-end professionals only printing laboratory for all prints and products to ensure that your images are displayed in the highest quality that will last for generations.

Cake Smash photoshoot in County Durham

Where are you?

I do my work as a cake smash photographer in County Durham at my home studio.

My husband converted our garage years ago to create my perfect space. Warm, cosy, comfortable. You’ll find a calm, white room, with toys on the shelves, a squashy duvet on the bed, and coffee in the pot. A perfect space to relax, and enjoy some uninterrupted family time, whilst I capture it.

You’ll find me in Consett, County Durham, which is perfectly positioned for travel from Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland and Gateshead. There’s even a driveway just outside the door so you don’t have to worry about parking.

Okay, I'm in, I want your style of natural cake smash photography in County Durham. How do I book?

Ahh this bit is nice and easy. Just drop me a message and we’ll do it together. 

Most of my cake smash clients are returning after their maternity, and newborn photos, and we often book the cake smash session shortly after the newborn one is complete. Because of this, my diary fills up months in advance. 

I recommend you contact me as soon as you can to ensure I am able to fit you in. I will also need to book your cake with the baker so there are 2 diaries that need to work together.

A £99 deposit secures your date, and cake, and then we’re all set.

The deposit you pay goes towards whichever package you choose at your viewing session around a week after your photoshoot.

In terms of when your cake smash takes place, most people like to have their digital photos back before their baby’s birthday so they can share them with family and friends. I’d recommend your session be scheduled for around 2/3 weeks before their birthday to guarantee this. 

If you want the cake smash to be part of the celebration itself, you might want to book for the week of the big day. Don’t worry, we can chat that through before you book and figure out what will be best for your family.

See you soon 🙂

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