Newborn Baby Photographer in County Durham

You have a baby on the way and you’re starting to look for your perfect newborn baby photographer in County Durham. First thing’s first – CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is such an exciting time and beautiful memories are awaiting you.

What is a newborn baby photo shoot?

It’s a good question. Newborn baby photography is still a relatively new practice in the UK and you might not know exactly what’s involved. 
In a nut shell, it’s an opportunity to swoon at how amazing your new squishy human is FOREVER!!! Because these babies are tricksy and will grow up impossibly fast, newborn photography is a really effective pause button so you can keep them little. It’s kind of magic, really. 

Newborn Baby Photography in County Durham

Why should I choose you to photograph my baby?

Now this is an even better question and, honestly, you shouldn’t. (WHAAAAAT?!!!)

Hear me out. You shouldn’t choose me if you are into bright colours, babies in buckets, and lots of props. 

Definitely not! That’s just not my thing.

But if you’re looking for photos that naturally capture you and your family at one of the most wonderful times, I am your girl.

I specialise in timeless, authentic, beautiful photography. My goal isn’t just to show what you looked like right now, and it’s certainly not to highlight what colours and patterns were popular and trendy when your little one was born.

My goal is to document and celebrate you! Right now. Exactly as you are. 

The little details, the big stretches, the perfect moments.

It’s the exact speed you had to pace the floor to settle them, the angle they needed to lie in your arms to fall asleep, the way their head fit so perfectly in your hands. These moments that you want to keep. These moments that you’ll be transported back to whenever you look at your photos.

That’s what I do, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then you should choose me.

Can my other children be in the photos?

Newborn Baby Photography in County Durham

ABSOLUTELY!!! Having a new baby is about all of you. Your whole family getting bigger.

Your older child is going to become a big brother or sister. That’s huge, and definitely worthy of celebration.

I have lots of toys in the studio to keep them entertained and they can show off their new baby, whilst I capture that beaming pride and the first days of these best friends getting to know each other.

What should I wear to my newborn baby photoshoot?

You’ve seen my photos so you know I love to keep things, light, airy, and timeless. White allows us to strip out all the distractions and focus on the most important thing – you.

A simple white t shirt, shirt, or blouse will work wonders. 

For trousers…dare I say white? Alright, I get it, you’re a parent now and you’re avoiding white trousers like the plague, (and if you show up wearing white trousers I might just kiss you – which is totally against my covid guidelines so scrap that.)

If you don’t have white trousers, neutral colours look wonderful – cream, beige, khaki – fantastic options.

And if all else fails, a pair of light coloured jeans can be just the ticket.

If more than one of you is wearing a colour on the bottom half, however, try to keep it to the same colour – ie both wear cream, or both wear similar coloured jeans.

For your baby and older children? Really easy. All white. I have mountains of plain white baby vests for newborns, and also white long johns in every size for siblings, so I have your little ones sorted. 

What can I do with my photos?

Once you have your photos, you have a return ticket to your newborn. The whispy hairs, the tiny toes, the utter perfection.

But you’ll also be capturing something so magical for them. Long term memories aren’t formed until well beyond infancy. They won’t remember this stage. They won’t remember how you held them, how you touched them, how you gazed at them with complete adoration.

By having newborn photos taken, you are giving your children a glimpse into this beautiful time.

A lot of my clients use their photoshoot to create a centrepiece in their home. A  wall of celebration of the most important thing.

At your viewing session, I’ll invite you to bring a photo of a wall you’d like to display your photographs so I can superimpose your images in to your home. This will allow us to play around with options for Wall Art to really tell your story and do it justice.

I use a high-end professionals only printing laboratory for all prints and products to ensure that your images are displayed in the highest quality that will last for generations.


Newborn Baby Photography in County Durham

Where are you?

I do my work as a newborn baby photographer in County Durham at my home studio.

My husband converted our garage years ago to create my perfect space. Warm, cosy, comfortable. You’ll not find big metal frames, paper backdrops, and bright lights in brollies. You’ll find a calm, white room, with toys on the shelves, a squashy duvet on the bed, and coffee in the pot. A perfect space to relax, and enjoy some uninterrupted family time, whilst I capture it.

You’ll find me in Consett, County Durham, which is perfectly positioned for travel from Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland and Gateshead. There’s even a driveway just outside the door so you don’t have to worry about parking.

Okay, I want a natural newborn baby photographer in County Durham. How do I book?

Ahh this bit is nice and easy. Just drop me a message and we’ll do it together. 

I only take a limited number of newborn session bookings per month so I can be sure I can accommodate whenever baby arrives (being that they often pay very little attention to their actual due date). Most of my clients contact me around the time of their 20-week scan to ensure I can fit them in.

We will set a provisional date around 1 week after your due date and a £99 deposit secures that time in my diary. Drop me a message once baby has arrived and we shall confirm that date, or move it if needed.

The deposit you pay goes towards whichever package you choose at your viewing session around a week after your photoshoot.

See you soon 🙂

Natural Family Photography In County Durham

Hi, I’m Siobhàn. Mum (and mischief manager) to 3 crazy boys; Harrison, Seb, and Jude.

When I’m not being outnumbered by my own brood, I am chief memory catcher of yours.

I am a newborn and family photographer in County Durham, specialising in natural, timeless photography, that captures the beauty and magic of your family.

Do you have a new addition on the way? Find out more about my Newborn Baby Photoshoots here.

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