WIN a Motherhood Mini Session

WIN a Motherhood Mini Session for a Mum you know...

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘the days are long, but the years are short’. There’s something about that phrase that really hits me, as a mum of 3, in the chest.

I am so so incredibly lucky to have my 3 beautiful sons in my life. I cherish our time together and honour the chance to make memories with them. But there are so many pressures pulling us, as mums, in so many different directions. Always a ball being dropped, (and a perfectly preened Instagram post to make us feel like we’re not quite matching up).

It’s the love that we have for our children that drives us all forward, and also that which makes us question if we’re doing it as well as we can.

The truth is, WE ARE ROCKING IT!!!

And the fact that we question it, and worry about it, is proof of that.

So here is a chance to tell a Mum how great a job she’s doing, and give her the chance to win a Motherhood Mini Session while you’re at it.

Motherhood photoshoot Newcastle Upon Tyne

How to enter

To nominate an amazing mum or mum-to-be, tell us in the COMMENTS section of this blog why they are so special and why they deserve it.

I will read through all your submissions and choose someone to win a Motherhood Mini Session, complete with 3 digital images and 3 matching printed images.


  1. Once you have nominated your chosed mum in the comments section on this blog, you must SEND A MESSAGE TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. If your chosen mum wins, I will reply to your facebook message to let you know.
  2. Please ask your nominee for her permission to be entered, and don’t share sensitive information in your nomination. She may not wish to have her name and situation shared here.
  3. Please check that your chosen Mum would like this prize. It’s supposed to be a treat for someone and I want to make sure it goes to someone who will really love it.
  4. Sorry, folks, you can’t nominate yourself.
  5. THE COMPETITION CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT ON APRIL 3RD. Winner will be contacted shortly after.

Good luck 🙂

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When I’m not being outnumbered by my own brood, I am chief memory catcher of yours.

I am a newborn and family photographer in County Durham, specialising in natural, timeless photography, that captures the beauty and magic of your family.

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8 Responses

  1. I would love to nominate my wife, Taylor Mesiti. We are a same sex couple and because I carried our son she had to deal with not only missing out on pregnancy and creating human life but she has been the most amazing mum as well as supporting me with my mental health. She truly is phenomenal, she deserves a treat!

  2. Stephanie Lauren Wilkinson she’s been my absolute rock this past year and deserves all the good in life

  3. I would like to nominate Gemma Eden Davies for this wonderful prize. Gemma is the mother of 2 gorgeous boys Eli and Niko and is about in the next few days to give birth to her 3rd son.
    To say she is a fantastic mum is an understatement, both her boys have Cohens syndrome a very rare condition which finally results in blindness and who knows what else lies ahead of them as not alot is known about this condition. Niko has also been diagnosed with Autism but both boys are so happy and full of fun and the bring so much joy into all our lives. This girl is wonderful and takes everything in her stride, fighting for her boys needs and giving them the best life possible. Their such a wonderful family and that is down to the love, care and adoration of Gemma and her husband Michael. I would love for her to win this prize as she certainly needs something so personal to her and her beautiful family.

  4. I would absolutely love to nominate my best friend Lauren who is currently in her third trimester with her rainbow baby! She would love the chance of a photoshoot with her 2 year old and her baby when he or she arrives. We have been super lucky to be pregnant at the same time twice and she is so supportive and an amazing friend despite having so much going on herself. She’s had a horrible pregnancy – constantly sick, in and out of hospital etc so I think this would really cheer her up!

  5. Daryl Mesiti is my nomination. After having a miscarriage two years ago (which broke her) we were able to fall pregnant with our rainbow baby.
    She would love this amazing opportunity to celebrate motherhood as she’s always taking photos but she’s never in the photos

  6. I’d like to nominate my wonderful friend Beth Reynolds. She’s a wonderful friend to me and really been there for me when I needed it. She’s also a great mum and manna!

  7. I would like to nominate a friend of mine Jade Hooper. She is an amazing Mam and an amazing Mam friend. She works very hard as a full time teacher, always spends quality time with her daughter Ava and still manages to put others before herself. She deserves a treat so much

  8. I would like to nominate my friend Charlie Taylor, she is currently successfully navigating motherhood with a nearly 3 year old and a 2 month old and supported me so much during my own pregnancy. She’s a very special friend who deserves this treat.

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